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Article List

  • Keeping to ourselves

    Welcome, readers, to 2016. We hope you had a nice holiday season. Do you feel rested? Good. You’re going to need all that stored-up energy you can muster for the upcoming year.

  • Good things

    It's a cliché that we journalists love it when bad things happen. Sure, natural disasters, terrorism strikes (I write this a few days after the Paris attacks) and scandal give us something to write about. But we don't go looking for this stuff. Okay, maybe we do relish a juicy...

  • The 2015 IC10: The law department of the future

    Innovation: It's one of those things that you hear about so often that its real meaning gets lost. Everyone's an innovator, right?

  • Rotting from the top

    This has got to be one for the books.

  • Time to sharpen your tech chops

    As an amateur student of human behavior (some would say “busybody”), I’ve always been fascinated by how new occupations come into being, and how existing jobs change. For example, a few years ago, during a few cross-country and intercontinental flights, I was always sitting next to someone who was studying...

  • Intellectual value

    Welcome back, everyone. Judging by the non-tourist pedestrian traffic around our editorial offices, and the extra seats on the subway, a lot of people have been away. I managed to duck out of the city, the country even. And what did I do on my summer vacation? On one day,...

  • Scare them, scare yourself

    I have a terrific work commute. Most people can't say that, especially in the New York metro area, where a lot of my colleagues battle with suburban train delays and subway reroutings. But I get to take a ferry, which gives me nice views of the harbor, as well as...

  • The art and science of law

    As Reese Arrowsmith, head of legal operations at Lincoln Financial Group, said in a discussion, “Lawyers still think of law as an art, not a science.” He implied that that was a bad thing. But like everything at work (and maybe in life), it's both.

  • This just in: Technology has won

    The legal department has to get out to talk to business-side colleagues, figure out how they do their jobs, and suss out why things can go wrong and how to fix things when they do.

  • As you were

    InsideCounsel readers have come to depend on what we in the business call “service pieces,” the expert and subject-oriented news-you-can-use articles that are this magazine's bread and butter.

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